The Process

At Senturian, we have developed a proven marketing process that is both highly effective and strictly confidential. In the event that a client wishes to sell a senior housing facility, we assemble an extensive marketing packet for buyers  that fully illustrates the investment, without disclosing the identity of the facility or seller.

Buyers want information to be readily available, so it is important to know exactly what information to present and  how to present it. Senturian’s job is to identify the best buyers in the marketplace for every type of senior housing so that a facility is presented only to serious buyers and not to competitors or risky prospects. We do this by maintaining  an extensive database of industry participants and monitoring newcomers constantly.

Once an offer is accepted, we guide the seller through negotiations and due diligence all the way to closing, ensuring  that the facility is not disrupted in the process. This is perhaps the most important part of what we do. We believe  that proximity and senior housing experience make Senturian the best candidate for owners in the Southeast. For  more information about this process or the company, please contact us with any questions you may have.